Office Space

Conference Table

What’s your ideal workspace? I don’t really mean how it looks. I mean, in what spaces do you work best?

Looking back, I’ve been most focused and productive at large tables–no doubt this hearkens back to doing my homework on the dining room table. Later, I organized and wrote my master’s thesis in the department’s library, where my fellow students and I often gathered around a large conference table. (Mostly we worked there, but on occasion there was table-top waltzing.) (You didn’t hear that from me.) A few years after that, I had a job that required me to process so much paper that I could only use my cubicle for storage; my actual editing work was done at the large table in our common area.

So if I could design my own office space, it wouldn’t contain built-in furniture. And it definitely wouldn’t involve an L-shaped desk.

What I’d like would be a large table with a few chairs and a compact computer station. Oh, and a small file cabinet. I know, I know, it doesn’t sound modern and cool. But here’s what it is: an environment that lets me spread out, see new combinations, and find the big idea. And isn’t that the point?

Photo by Martin Ujlaki, via Flickr.


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