That Isn’t Your Only Audience


You probably know who your customers are. You know where they live, how old they are, what they buy, and how much education they have.

But what about your co-workers? Your internal audience is key to any success, because they represent you. If you want your customers to see you as an organization that provides great service, then your employees have to want to provide that service.

It’s not enough to pay them for it, or to tell them that they need to. You have to get them to believe that it’s important. And that means letting them know why their actions matter.

You can’t provide great customer service if there’s internal infighting. Truly great customer service draws on internal resources, and infighting means that no one wants to help anyone else. What you want is an organization of people who support each other, and then extend that to the outside world.

So how do you do this? Start by sharing. Knowledge is power, but it’s power that grows through the sharing process. If you keep it to yourself, you’re being greedy and you’re hurting the organization. Give people the information they need to do their jobs, understand organizational goals and priorities, and feel proud of who you are and what they do. Trust me, the vast majority of life is not on a “need-to-know” basis, and most of your secrets don’t need to be secret.

Open up the blinds and let the sun in. You’ll be amazed at how much more everyone can see.

Photo by .digitale, via Flickr.


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