Email Overload

GTD - my inbox (before)

I’m pretty sure that if I took all of the messages from companies I’ve bought things from and made them tangible, my inbox would look like this.

It’s a jumbled mess–and I don’t just mean the inbox. I mean the marketing itself. Why is there so much of it? And why does it go out so often? Seriously, unless you’re doing something special (and if you have a new promotion every week, it’s not special), it just doesn’t make sense to send promotional e-mail so frequently. Keep in mind that your customers are getting emails from any number of other companies. Do you want to stand out, or be an indistinguishable part of the clamor?

Several years ago, I was struck by the approach taken by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Their messages were carefully scheduled, and at the end of each one would be the statement, “See you next month!” I would always breathe a sigh of relief at that point. They’d told me what they wanted to, but they weren’t going to hit me over the head with it three times a week.

How often do you want to hear from companies you buy from? Share your thoughts.

Photo by kokagure, via Flickr.


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