Are You Bumping Your Head?


The concept of a glass ceiling isn’t new. But maybe it’s not always about the glass. Sometimes, I think what we’re really running into is a green ceiling.

Although women now graduate from college at a higher rate than men, we’re still being paid less for the same job. I’ve heard a lot of rationalizations–women get mommy-tracked, some of these studies don’t really establish job parity and include CEO bonuses which skews the results, yadda yadda yadda.

But according to a new study, women who are new college grads earn less than their mail counterparts, even when they hold the same job. According to the article, “NACE research director Ed Koc analyzed starting salaries of 2010 bachelor’s degree graduates and found that women pulled down an average of $36,451, vs. $44,159 for men.”

That’s a 17% difference. That’s huge.

So, okay, it’s unfair. What do we do about it? Is this a question of how job applicants market themselves? I tend to think not. I suspect it’s perception on the part of the person doing the hiring. But the fact is this: a job is worth a certain amount of money. That’s true regardless of who fills it.

It’s time to end the unfair practice of salary confidentiality. This benefits the employer far more than the employee–and I’m not persuaded that there is any true benefit to the employee. We’re adults. We should be able to handle this news. And all the company has to do is pay its employees based on the jobs they do.

Photo by AMagill, courtesy of Flickr.


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