5 Questions to Ask About Your New Social Media Campaign

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It’s tempting to just jump in, and doing so isn’t going to kill you. But it won’t be entirely effective, either. Here are a few questions to ask yourself (and your colleagues) as you plan.

1) Who Are We?
You don’t have to navel-gaze, but take a few minutes to think about your institution. What do you do? How does your audience perceive you?

2) Who Is Our Audience?

You should already know this, but now is a good time to take another look. Consider geography, demographics, and psychographics.

3) Where Is Our Audience?

You’re meeting them on their turf, so make sure you know where to find them. Do they use social media? What sites do they use? How do they use them?

4) What Is Our Content?
Your content is not necessarily suited to every social media outlet, just like it’s not suited to every traditional outlet. Take some time to figure out what goes where. Do you have multiple pieces of information to share each day? A few a week? Once or twice a month? Are you planning to create blog posts that elaborate on an idea, or rely heavily on URLs with short intro statements?

5) How Will We Interact?
Are you planning to push information at your audience, or provide a forum for conversation? Are you going to moderate comments, or will free speech rule the day? Who will do this, and how much time will they need to dedicate to it?

There are more questions, but this will get you started. Now, go forth and strategize.

Photo by Leo Reynolds, via Flickr.


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