Google+: A Guide to Guides

So you’ve gotten an invitation to Google+ and you’re not sure what to do next. Is it the new Facebook? The new Twitter? The new LinkedIn? You can find people using it like all of these, as well as people who seem to be using it in a way all their own. But where to start? Here are a few primers produced by early adopters, with tips you may find useful.

Chris Brogan has some suggestions and some how-to videos to offer. He recommends starting with security settings, to make sure that you’re sharing in the way you intend.

The Huffington Post has tips about circles, who to follow, and more. They’ve also got suggestions about “sparks” and “hangouts.”

Already active on Google+? You might be interested in Jeff Bullas‘s ideas about how to increase your followers.

Christina Trapolino encourages you to look at Google+ as its own service, rather than a new Facebook. She’s got some interesting points to make about how interaction on Google+ is different than on Facebook, and what that means to her.

And if you’re wondering how Google+ will change as people use and respond to the service, well, right now only Google knows. But a post by Matthew Humphries points to some possibilities.

So go forth, +1 to your heart’s content, and build your Google+ world in a way that makes sense to you. It’s an odyssey of discovery.


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  1. Are you using it? What are your thoughts? It’s obviously different from FB, as Trapolino writes, and it’ll get a critical mass just because it’s Google, but do we need it? Is it too late?

  2. I am using it, and it does feel different from Facebook. I’m not entirely sure how I want to use it yet, but I felt that way about Twitter for a long time, too–it’s clearly a good tool, but how is it useful to me? I figure there will be some trial and error as I figure that out.

    However, I am a little wary of too much focus on advice from Googlers. They definitely have valuable insights that we can learn from, but I’m not sure I want to go too far down the “this is how Google says I should use Google+ route.”

  3. Kathy — I agree! You should find your own use for Google+. I think it’s great to keep Googlers in a Circle where you can get their insights when you want them, but I find it much more interesting to see how and why other people are using it. The Hangouts feature especially seems to get a lot of creative juices flowing, which I find totally exciting even though I am pretty much the most camera-shy person on earth, haha.

  4. Thanks, Christina! I think it’s really interesting to see how different people are making the service work for them, and fit their lives and needs. And I do appreciate how many Googlers are sharing their own suggestions and knowledge!

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