Why Are You Using Social Media?

Here’s another good question to ask yourself. Social media isn’t an end unto itself; it’s a collection of ways to reach and connect with your audience. So what do you want to achieve, and are you sure you’re using the right tools?

Janet Aronica of oneforty* has a great post with sound tips. My personal favorite is #2: The medium isn’t the message. Too many people set up accounts on whatever is newest and hottest, without exploring how it works and if it’s the right tool for them. For example, whenever someone asks me about Twitter, I ask them how much content they have, and how often they’ll be posting. If the answer is “once a week,” then I don’t think Twitter is the right tool for them–it’ll be too easy for their tweets to be lost in the stream.

*oneforty is the company that created SocialBase, a social media management platform. I have no affiliation with them (I found the blog post via a third-party tweet) but after literally a glance at their website, I’m interested a more thorough glance.


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