Is Facebook Publishing Your Phone Number?

Don't Panic Badge

In a word: no.

In a few more words: not unless you’ve told them it’s okay.

Facebook has always had a space for you to input phone numbers, and Facebook Mobile syncs your smartphone with the site (if someone on that list is on Facebook and has shared that number with the site, Facebook will suggest them to you as a friend). They also offer privacy settings so that you can determine who sees what information–and that list is viewable by you, not by anyone logged in through their own account.

So, if you don’t want numbers on your phone to appear anywhere on Facebook, stop syncing your phone. I guess that if you really want to be sure, you can look into getting a cheap phone with a number that you can use for this purpose only, and don’t transfer your current contacts to that phone.

Or take the easy route, and customize your privacy settings on Facebook so that only you can see your contact info. But please, stop posting inaccurate panicky messages. Whom does that help?

Photo by Jim Linwood, via Flickr.


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