Sunday Television: Advertising Winners and Losers

Winner: American Express

Great use of Twitter in your ads! I like the inclusion of tweets regarding how people have used their rewards. (They’re real, right?)

Loser: General Electric

Christy’s mom is “weird,” says Christy, a perky, soccer-playing 9-year-old. “Christy’s mom deserves a cancer treatment that’s as unique as she is,” says GE. Takeaway: Christy’s mom has cancer. Don’t tell Christy. Seriously, GE?

What advertising winners and losers have you seen lately?


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  1. Agree with you – 100% – on the General Electric ad. Kept thinking, “they’re not really serious, right?”

    It’s not exactly new – it debuted during the Super Bowl and then went on hiatus until a few weeks ago, apparently – but I LOVE the Volkswagen/Darth Vader spot. Cracks me up every time. (Here’s the extended dance version:

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