Fresh Content, Existing Medium

Sometimes it’s worth taking a look at existing tools that you’re not using, and figuring out how you can use them. Los Angeles Animal Services seems to have done just that, and I’m impressed with what I see.

It’s common to see a series of paired vertical banners hung from light poles along major boulevards. They usually seem to be promoting museum exhibits or touring productions of Broadway musicals. So I was struck recently by a campaign that uses that space for a very different goal.

Each pair of banners carries a photo of a pet, accompanied by one of a set of messages: Adopt, Microchip, Volunteer, Spay & Neuter, License, and Foster.

I think these are really well done. Visually they look like they fit in with the usual messages, but they say something very different, for a very different organization. And that difference meant that they caught my attention–which after all is the point, no?

So how can you make your message look fresh by sharing it somewhere unexpected?

Photos by John and Kathy Lisiewicz


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