Daily Deals Gone Wild

So I’m wondering how “daily deal” sites target their audiences. It’s not based on the kinds or values of deals we’ve bought in the past.

Because while this does sound like a great deal, that price point isn’t geared to me–and I wonder how many subscribers are looking for this particular bargain.

And it’s not based on geography.

Because I am nowhere near Reno.


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  1. Well each company does it differently. Groupon’s strategy is not the same as LivingSocial’s or vice versa. In this case with LS escape deals are offered nationally as people will buy a deal for somewhere far from home, and they put up the deals that they can find.

    I promise it’s not easy to line up deals, and they want as many people to see the ones they do have as possible. They need less than 1% of recipients for each deal to be a perfect fit for that deal. That’s enought for the deals to make sense to offer as a business. This time the deal wasn’t for you, but maybe the next one will be.

  2. Ah, I see. Didn’t look at your highlight. Looks like your having from a good old fashion tech snafu. I think that you can visit the part of the site that manages your account settings, and fix that. Sorry I missed the point you were trying to make. 😦

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