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Visual Brand Identity

What’s the point in having a brand if you’re just going to cover it up with someone else’s?

"Commuter Express" "The Soup"


Infographic: Apple to Apples

Apple to Apples
Created by: MBA Online

This Is an Actual Product for Children

I don’t even know where to start.

I guess it’s the logical extension of a onesie that says “Diva.” I knew I hated those onesies for a reason.

Is it possible this isn’t real? That it doesn’t even exist, aside from the web? That would be marginally better. Marginally.

The Tyranny of Pink

Name me one thing that is marketed to girls today like Legos in 1981.

Daily Deals Gone Wild

So I’m wondering how “daily deal” sites target their audiences. It’s not based on the kinds or values of deals we’ve bought in the past.

Because while this does sound like a great deal, that price point isn’t geared to me–and I wonder how many subscribers are looking for this particular bargain.

And it’s not based on geography.

Because I am nowhere near Reno.

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