Social Media Roundup


Over the past few days, there’s been a lot of talk about Pinterest for businesses. I’ve been having fun with it, and I definitely see how it could be of use for brands–depending on the brand. Maggie McGary has a post on SocialFish that can help you figure out if it’s right for yours.

How can you make LinkedIn work for your brand? Edelman Digital’s blog features a post by Rachel Levine that explains how some of the site’s new features may be of use to companies and organizations.

Facebook introduces direct messages between pages and fans. If you’re based in Asia, you may be able to put this into action now. If you’re not, take advantage of the time to learn from the successes and missteps of those who are.

And, of course, Google+ now offers pages for brands.

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Daily Deals Gone Wild

So I’m wondering how “daily deal” sites target their audiences. It’s not based on the kinds or values of deals we’ve bought in the past.

Because while this does sound like a great deal, that price point isn’t geared to me–and I wonder how many subscribers are looking for this particular bargain.

And it’s not based on geography.

Because I am nowhere near Reno.

Is Your Brand Worth What You Think It Is?

If you’re an international celebrity, and your “fragrances” are sold at drugstores–not small boutiques, or Sephora, or department stores–maybe you need to be asking yourself if you really want to put your name on that product–no matter how pretty the bottle may be.


I’m looking at you, Britney Spears.

Photo by Waleska Ruiz, via Flickr.

The New, New, New Twitter

Does it seem like Twitter‘s been changing a lot lately? It seems like they just introduced the @yourusernamehere tab, and now they’ve moved on to @Connect and #Discover instead.

(Not everyone has the new format yet; I don’t, at least on the website, but I am seeing the mobile version on my iPhone).

Mashable has a nice slideshow that explains the new design and structure. And if you’re wondering why it happened, Edelman Digital’s blog points out that it should nicely support Twitter’s new brand pages.

And if you think Twitter’s changed a lot in recent months, take a look at the homepage (slide 6) when it launched in 2006.

Facebook Timeline is Here!

Or, at least, now in the roll-out stage. So are you ready for the big change to your profile? How will you use Timeline?

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